NYC Resistor‘s Matt Joyce lasercut these neat unicode-compliant hex scrabble tiles.

My new scrabble tile set provides game players with a fully international character set through the miracle of character set encoding standards. By using my entirely hexadecimal tile set you can deploy your scrabble words in full unicode, or simple ascii. I think however, I might need a bigger board. The memory space on this bit of antiquity is a bit on the small side.

Dear Parker Brothers, this is a parody. Please do not threaten litigation. I mean you no harm. In fact I am quite sure my suggestion of homebrew tile sets can only increase interest in scrabble and scrabble related paraphernalia. I am your friend. Love me as I have loved you. Please.

Download the DXFs on thingiverse.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • rallen

    The tiles, or the Maker’s plea not to sue him into oblivion.

    Sad, sad…

  • arbiter4.myopenid.com

    The rights to Scrabble is owned by Hasbro, not Parker Brothers, so you’ll have to edit your plea.