Move over Keyboard Cat, Theremin Cat’s in town and requires no human assistance to play his instrument of choice. Well … maybe just like a teensy bit of help assembling the Gakken Mini-Theremin Kit … and yeah granted, he’ll need fresh batteries once in a while. But aside from that – 100% straight solo, baby.

Huh … is it just me, or is he biting off some of my riffs?




  • Sean Michael Ragan

    I just hope he has a lucrative endorsement deal with Gakken.

    • Collin Cunningham

      one can of tuna + a rubber mouse for every vid he posts. eh.

  • volkemon


    Nah, those riffs sound familiar because…

    But still great- LOVE the look on the cat’s face they pan to on the floor at the end.

    • Collin Cunningham

      I swear I haven’t had a dupe in months!
      … suppose I was due :/

      Both of these cats have *the* craziest eyes EVARRR!