Our friends from Almost Scientific, the Five Ton Crane Crew, and the Raygun Gothic Rocketship project, were out at NASA Ames for this year’s Yuri’s Night. They set up the rocketship and gave people rides — okay, tours of the ship, but still… Above is a time-lapse of the Five Ton Crane crew assembling the ship. Love the soundtrack! (Go, Iggy!) Alan Rorie of Almost Scientific writes:

It’s an honor to get to make such large sculptures and there is nothing quite like getting together with your best friends and putting together your 40′ tall steel and aluminum rocketship! Whenever we do a big install, I always have a moment when I look around at what I’m doing and think “Holy crap, I get to do this!”

The video serves as a nice little preview of what to expect from the Raygun Gothic Rocketship at next month’s Maker Faire Bay Area (May 22 & 23). We can’t wait!

Check out the Flickr slideshows on Almost Scientific for photo highlights of the event.

MAKE was there, too!

How to assemble a Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Gareth Branwyn

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