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  • Colecoman1982

    Just remember to do this before you photocopy you rear end. Ass cheeks can leave smudges on the glass of the oils in your skin.

  • Simon

    I know this one is a joke but all these Make iPad stories are kind of, well, lame. So far most things are stories along the lines of “something to put it in” or “something to stand it on” or “something to laser engrave on it”. You could do those with anything, a brick for example.

    I am not trying to put down those things people do make of course. Those are neat things but the iPad isn’t what I would call a Maker friendly device. Hopefully someone does come along and do something really cool with one but I fear the chances are low. It’s an appliance.

    Sure, it’s a cool device for what it is for sure. It just doesn’t seem very Make worthy to me.

    • Sean Michael Ragan

      I have to be careful with this because, as you yourself are probably aware, there is significant controversy surrounding MAKE’s relationship to the iPad. But for what it’s worth, I, personally, agree with you. This is my only iPad post to date, and I liked it precisely because of how effectively it lampoons the limitations of the device.

      • Simon

        Sean, I wasn’t really aware of any controversy sorry. I must admit my Apple fan days ended with the Apple 2 way back when so I haven’t been following the iPad stuff very closely. Didn’t mean to offend anyone. It just seems an odd device, cool as it might be, to be on Make due to it being so non open.

        • Sean Michael Ragan

          No, nobody’s offended–we’re all glad to hear your opinions. It’s just that both internally and externally the future of our relationship to the iPad is a matter of significant debate. On the one hand, many of us share your concern with the “closed” nature of the device, and on the other, the potential of the iPad as a platform to distribute MAKE content is, admittedly, pretty huge. It’s no secret the publishing universe is moving away from paper, and when there’s a big potentially game-changing innovation in electronic publishing we have to pay close attention or risk getting left in the dust.

          That said, I personally am skeptical by nature and tend to be a “late adopter” when it comes to technology because I like to have all the bugs ironed out–and the price-point stabilized–before I invest my time and money.