Dr. Who fan, Tara Wheeler, runs Witty Little Knitter, a web site “dedicated to the knitting of the authentic Doctor Who scarf.”

I knitted my first Doctor Who Scarf at the age of fourteen, when I first started watching Doctor Who. I figure, I’ve knitted at least forty of them over the years, maybe more.
I started off with my own patterns based on hours spent watching episodes in extreme slow motion and looking closely at very bad photographs. My first attempts were crude and totally incorrect. But to me, they were Doctor Who Scarves. I persevered, and gradually, my patterns improved.

She provides several patterns and tools for knitting Dr. Who scarves, and includes interesting history of the knit accessories as well. [via Ladies of the Map]

  • Sarah Booth

    What a great idea/obsession/etc.!!!!!
    I made what I called my Dr. Who Scarf as my very first knitting project, but it was nothing like the real ones, just really long and three colors. My mom admired it so much that I gave it to her.
    Knit on! The Dr Who Scarf will never lose its place as an icon! Baker was the best Dr.!