Tell your robot what to do! The new Say It Module adds voice recognition to your robot or other project. It has functionality for 23 built-in pre-programmed or up to 32 user-defined commands. Use the robust serial protocol to access the Say It Module functions from other microcontrollers. Make a voice controlled Boe-Bot, Home Automation, or any voice activated project.


  • 23 pre-programmed Speaker Independent (SI) commands
  • Up to 32 user definable commands
  • SIP header for breadboard friendly projects (0.1″ spacing)
  • LED and microphone on-board for ease of use
  • Creates template programs for the BASIC Stamp 2 in the GUI software

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  • Alan

    That big goober of epoxy in the middle of the board doesn’t look very Maker-friendly. I’m used to seeing that sort of thing in proprietary electronic devices when I dismantle them, but would hesitate to buy a component built that way – unless there’s some legitimate reason why we need that chip shielded from view?