“Tax_Ninja” is a proud parent via Reddit.

My kid designed his own scientist costume for career day (including the “to do list”). I feel like I’ve succeeded as a parent.

Could be a cover for MAKE or a poster for a Calvin and Hobbes movie :) – Tax_Ninja if you see this, email me – we’d love to send you out a Maker’s notebook!

Update, found them! Here’s a blog post.

  • Dexter

    Love the last to-do item on his list :-) You must be proud and I hope he’ll never be too close when he blows up things.

  • Captain Zilog

    I must have been lied to by one of those d@mn women…

    Daddy’s proud!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002969899609 Forest Hsu

    Epic win. Good job Phillip!!! 

  • Donnell Inglin

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