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The ITP Spring Show 2010 (a two day exhibition of interactive projects, sound and physical computing at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program Tisch School of the Arts) was a blast! Here are some of our favorite projects from this year (more photos here):

light flower ITP 2010 Spring Show

Estrella Intersects the Plane – Matthew Richard

Using 40 servos and 80 RGB LEDs, an attempt to create a animated color field painting by letting the light itself mix together on a canvas. The 2 LEDs are placed at the tips of 40 arms that are arranged in a circle and controlled by 40 servos. One LED faces towards the center of the circle and the other faces away from the center. Subtle differences in servo timing and LED values create a look similar to sea anemones. The color patterns resemble wasting sunsets and sunrises melding and disappearing.

balloon projector ITP 2010 Spring Show

Balloon Projections: Paul Rothman, Rune Madsen

We are projecting visuals on a cluster of balloons. There are a few different visuals:
Singing heads that open their mouth every time a MIDI note is triggered
Letters forming sentences across the balloons
Stars reacting to incoming MIDI messages

silicone led dress ITP 2010 Spring Show

Life Dress- Embedded Fashion: Elizabeth Fuller

The Life Dress is inspired by The Game of Life, an algorithm by John Conway that models cell life through a simple set of rules applied to squares on a grid. Whether a cell is born, survives, or dies is determined by the condition of surrounding cells. It is through the shared existence of cells, or, indeed, people, that any survive and illuminated patterns occur.

light tangrams ITP 2010 Spring Show

IntelliGram: Jason Aston, Tamar Ziv

The IntelliGram is a cryptic interactive apparatus which unexpectedly erupts into action.

My full set of photos is available here.


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