Anna Ventura, (iN)VISIBLE

Remember when you were a kid looking at clouds, and suddenly the one cloud turned into a turtle, and then a whale? Wait. What am I saying. Remember yesterday when you found that rock that looked like a face, or the popcorn you swore was a dead ringer for The Old Man in the Mountain? It doesn’t take a kid to anthropomorphise seemingly ordinary objects to find the wonder within. Portuguese artist Ana Ventura has created a fabulous series whose name says it all, (iN)VISIBLE. A prolific illustrator and crafter, Ventura works in myriad mediums, including textiles, print, engraving, and 3D. These illustrations were created by gently manipulating digital photographs of decaying walls — a lovely idea, and so well executed. I especially love the incorporation of textile patterns into the eroding paint and plaster textures. It’s truly as if she found these walls as-is, like some joyful crafter graffiti.
I encourage an unhurried exploration of her website and Flickr, there is so much to see! Click after the jump to see more selects from this fabulous series. The more you look, the more you’ll see!


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