I showed the enclosure for the primary Arduino in the previous post in my Arduino Nerf sentry gun build series. This is the enclosure for the secondary Arduino — the one that drives the MotorShield to sweep the Nerf gun back and forth. It’s a Chameleon Enclosure that I slightly modified with a nibbler so I could drop the board low enough to fit the Arduino, MotorShield, and ScrewShield. I also re-drilled the standoff holes 1/4″ back from the faceplate to give the ScrewShield proper clearance.

Here it all is, pre-enclosure:


And here it is enclosed:


You can see I have a variety of cables running out of the box. There’s a four-wire, DB-9 terminated bundle for the two bump sensors, a two-wire, Molex power-connector bundle for MotorShield output to the motor, a two-wire, 5.5mm female jack for MotorShield 12V power, and a two-wire, AMP header bundle for serial communications between the Arduinos.


Wanna see it in person? Come to Maker Faire next weekend, where I’ll be demonstrating the finished Arduino Nerf sentry gun in the Maker Shed and at the Make: Projects Stage.

In the Maker Shed:



Arduino Duemilanove

MKAD7-212.jpgMotorShield for Arduino Kit

John Edgar Park

John Edgar Park

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