One of my favorite drummers, Brian Viglione of Dresden Dolls, posted this brief video tour on his Facebook page of a drum kit he built from junk. He was kind enough to post it to YouTube so that I could share it here on Make:. This was the kit that he used on the tracks he worked on for the NIN Ghosts I-IV project (Dec 2007). Brian writes:

I showed up at Trent’s house for the first day of recording and said he thought a “fun art project for the day” would be to have me build a drum kit out of found objects and whatever I could piece together that afternoon and then improvise on it that night. I spent the afternoon on the hunt and put it all together that evening. When it was all ready, he gave me the headphones and a tempo to follow, and said, “just play what comes to you…”

[Thanks, Brian!]

Brian Viglione NIN “Ghosts” Drum Kit