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Bicycle dynamos have been around forever. With all the DIY smartphone bike mounts I’ve come across lately, I’m surprised I haven’t seen someone attempt combining the two until now. This is perfect for areas with sparse charging options.


Even though it’s a retail product (in select countries), this dynamo-powered smartphone charger kit from Nokia should be an inspiration to mobile makers everywhere. If you’ve come across a home brew version of this or have scraped together something yourself, do post a link in the comments. [via Afrigadget]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Ernst says:

    Mark Hoekstra from Groningen, the Netherlands, built a similar device to charge his iPod. It was featured in Make Magazine #11, page 80.
    Sadly, Mark died from a massive heart attack while cycling to his work in September 2008.

  2. Ernst says:

    Ah, I see that the Nokia bicycle powered phone charger also features in an earlier post, which includes a tribute to Mark.