• Doctroid

    I count five wheels.

    • Matt Mets

      I don’t think dual tires count when classifying a vehicle, though?

      • volkemon

        Yep. Consider an 18-wheeler – 2 singles and 8 dual.

        “but we sure wouldn’t want to argue with anyone piloting such a menacing machine.”

        holds true also. ;)

  • Mike

    Looks like he needs shorter legs.

  • craig

    With the momentum of that big heavy wheel, breaking would flip the rider and frame up and over the top even if you were careful. I’m also concerned with tippyness, it could do major damage if it fell over on that car, and I doubt one man could upright it.

    • vrandy.myopenid.com

      I don’t think anyone will be getting that bike to a speed where that’s an issue.

      There probably isn’t even a hill nearby.

  • Tom Bierly

    It figures this would be from a Dutch guy. They’re a little bike crazy.

    His comment at the end translates as, “I can’t anymore. I can’t anymore.”