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Rockband3Midiinput Cc

We don’t usually cover much in the way of gaming news here, but my brother Kyle sent this item my way, noting the potential DIY aspect –

Thanks to Rock Band 3’s new Pro mode for guitar, drums and, yes, keyboard, every single note on the game’s song list will be tracked.


The good news for actual musicians? If you already have a MIDI keyboard or MIDI drum set, you can opt for the Rock Band 3 MIDI Pro Adapter Box. The device will convert MIDI messages into console controller data and includes on-board console navigation buttons that will let players navigate the game’s menus.

Besides being able to use a standard MIDI keyboard, those inclined could build their own Arduino/AVR/PIC/etc-based MIDI controller for use with the upcoming title. Rather sweet when you consider that doing something like this for previous music games entailed purchasing a standard controller, gutting the parts and then reintegrating them into a custom project.

In any case, cool to see a company like Harmonix allowing the use of preexisting hardware – though the adapter will cost you $40USD. [via Kotaku]

In the Maker Shed:


Drumkitkit And Midivox Cc

Drum Kit Kit for Arduino & MIDIVOX for Arduino

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