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ax 12 microrax1 3D printed servo to MicroRAX bracket

Our good buddy Joe Bowers made a lovely little 3D printed servo bracket. It’s the missing link when connecting a Dynamixel AX-12 servo to some MircroRAX t-slot aluminum. Since Joe’s building an Arduino-powered robot, this is just the connector he needed.

ax 12 lineup 3D printed servo to MicroRAX bracket

The problem is I want to mount the servo onto a frame built from MicroRAX. The brackets that come with the servo are too small for this, when it comes to screw hole size. Since the cad file for these brackets are freely available online, I was able to remodel the screw holes to the size I want, then I sent it off to where it will be fabricated in a 3D printer and shipped to me.

ax 12 fit 3D printed servo to MicroRAX bracket

Ax-12 Servo Mounted to MicroRAX

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