Here’s a neat, mostly animated video we were sent to check out, and we like what we see. Roughly 3,000 frames were drawn by hand. It was directed, animated, and produced by Arjen Noordeman of Elasticbrand. You should check it out, too!



Sometimes helpful editor and digital media director at MAKE and CRAFT.

  • Shai Fisher

    Not animated, but with cool technic:

  • Rick

    Seriously good, well produced and conceived.


  • Shawn Connally

    Yeah, we were all very impressed in the MAKE offices. Such great work and so much talent!

  • Simon

    I must be getting old. This struck me last night as I realised that the actors playing The Doctor (as in Doctor Who) are now younger than I am! As you get older you also start rambling….

    Anyway, doesn’t anyone remember this video by a-ha way back in 1985?

    I realise it was probably traced rather than drawn but still it was quite remarkable back at the time.