CRAFT: Sew and Sew

By Nicole Vasbinder
Over the course of my teaching career, I have heard countless students say that they are terrified of zippers. And that they will avoid styles that call for a zipper. This makes me sad as they are really not that hard and most skirts and dresses call for a zipper.
Sewing 101: Zippers
There are two main types of zippers used in clothing: a regular coil zipper (pictured left) and an invisible zipper (pictured right).
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  • Elizabeth at OnlineFabricStore

    This is a great article on putting in zippers. The photos are so clear.
    I confess that installing zippers is not one of my favorite sewing tasks, because they never come out quit as neat as I’d like

  • zippers

    the photos are excellent and a great help, thank you