Restored Edison Electric car from 1889. Charles writes…

Hello again! I looked up from my computer today to take a look at the history of one of the major projects we are working on at Global Research– electrification of the world.   Here is what I found.  What is really interesting is that I believe this video was filmed when the car was being driven to our Global Research campus for the 2008 Battery Symposium that we hosted. It is a video of a restored Edison Electric car, located in our hometown of Schenectady, NY at the Edison Exploratorium. It had a 26 volt GE Automobile Motor Patent 1889.

It’s 121 years later.

  • Jennifer Elaan

    That’s not just any car – it was owned by Steinmetz. Apparently it was pulled from a bog where it had been sitting for quite some time, and has been carefully restored.

    That museum isn’t open very often to the general public, but I got lucky and had a more or less private tour. That car is a real beauty.

    Great to see an entry from Schenectady here. It’s a great town. Now if only we had a hacker space of some sort.

  • cancerouspete

    i cant be the only one reading the boilerplate as 48 volts, not 26. ill bet it says amps before 26

    • vrandy.myopenid.com

      I agree.

      Something:26, Volts:48, Speed:1980

      It’s confusing because the speed looks like a year, but it wouldn’t have back then.

  • Simon

    The motor might be patented in 1889 but that vehicle certainly isn’t that old.

    That car shown looks later, post 1900s, and the video also says it’s from 1914. This seems to be that same car: http://www.union.edu/N/DS/s.php?s=7260

    It looks similar to a car in a museum here in NZ called a Rauch and Lang from 1918. Even then I guess cars all looked the same! I found this video about that: http://vintagedriving.com/ev-builders-podcast-2-sneak-peak-southwards-car-museum/

    Edison did make a EV in 1889 though but I’ll be buggered if I can find any pictures of it.