Pt 10164

Wow, in Safari and/or Chrome this is really nice

An experiment with CSS3 border-radius, transforms & animations

I can’t wait to see the gears, mechanical illustrations and animations that folks will be creating soon all with CSS.

  • Alan

    It’s a pretty sweet feature demonstration. I look forward to seeing this adopted on more browsers soon.

    There is at least one error in the solar system animation, though: the moon appears to undergo a total eclipse every month, and its phases are illustrated wrong. It should have one side fully illuminated all the time, which creates the illusion of waxing and waning for an observer on Earth, but would appear as a permanent half-moon to someone observing from outside the solar system.

  • CircuitGizmo

    Pluto? Wasn’t Pluto axed?

  • MadRat

    (*sigh*) It also works on the new 10.60 Opera version that came out today. Opera 10.60 has a score of 159 on The HTML5 Test which I believe is the highest score for any browser at the moment.

  • Rachel Hobson

    Love this – very cool!