Today is Fun shares a clever game that gets grandchildren to interact with their grandparents (and vice versa). Sort of a generation gap icebreaker. The Grandparent’s Game!

A visit from grandparents is a very exciting occurrence in our house. The grandparents are delighted to see the kids and vice versa. However, due to the gap between the ages, there is sometimes a small disconnect. The grandparents rest comfortably on the sofa while the children run around upstairs, trying to see who can dance the most like a dangerous alien.
Before the grandparents arrive, tear up a blank piece of paper into four equal-sized pieces. These will become your cards. On each card, write down something to do. A grandparent will choose a card at random and do the activity it describes!
(When our grandparents came over, the kids wanted turns to choose cards, too. This was great — they were both participating and entertaining the senior members of our family!)

Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

I’m a DIY editor at Instructables and I used to be an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, rock climbing, and etymology.


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