Pt 10250


Meep meep! These cars are cute! Be sure to check out the massive gallery!

As today’s economy continues to shake and stagger, most people find themselves in the “savings” and “fuel efficiency” mode when it comes to cars – and so the idea of small, easy to park and to maintain micro cars remains popular. Plus even from purely design and vintage collector’s viewpoint, these cars can possess more cuteness and nostalgia factor than your favorite childhood toys. Just like a well-worn toy teddy bear, they are extremely cuddly and adorable.

  • RocketGuy

    Where the very large Jeremy is shoehorned into a Peel P50 and takes it for a drive into the BBC office.

    I particularly like his drive through of the evening news desk.

  • volkemon

    I LOVE these cars.

    My VW microbus looks like an 18 wheeler next to them. :)