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Kenneth Rich wrote in to share his wireless scoreboard. He wanted a scoreboard to use at his daughter’s softball events, and wasn’t happy with the expensive commercial display, so he decided to make his own. Pretty impressive for a first project!

Take a look at the electronic scoreboard I built for my daughters’ softball games. I built everything from scratch with the exception of the Wifly GSX WiFi module (which I sourced from Sparkfun), and the SMPS I scavenged from a car cell phone charger. This project is my first attempt at building a useful electronic device. The scoreboard is wireless so that it can be controlled by any WiFi capable device like an iPhone, Google phone, etc. I am currently in the planning stages for the App I will develop to control the board, so there is much more to come. Hopefully I will have an update by the end of the summer.



  1. Eric says:

    Absolutely cool. Wish this came in a kit. I know I am not savy enough to take this on by myself.

    1. jamie coonrod sams valley oregon says:

      I need some help building a scoreboard for my horseshoe pit ,

  2. Matt says:

    Where do I buy the parts for the scoreboard (LED and plate that says Home/visitor)?

  3. Michael says:

    Matt, would you consider building one of these for sale?

    1. Matt says:

      Yes I would. I would make 2 or 3 (or more). I’m a Manufacturing and Industrial Engineer and have a passion for making and selling things (I make and sell some professional training kits on line now). Let’s do this.

      1. Krishna says:

        Matt pleasant day, I am an aspiring Electrical Engineer from jamaica actually doing this for my final project as a final year student. May I have like an email for you to discuss the building aspect of this project. Your help would be deeply appreciated.

  4. Steve says:

    I would potentially be interested in 2 of these for my beach volleyball league. Are you still interested in building some for sale? Please contact me:, thanks!

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