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Mike Senese, cohost of the Science Channel’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ and Catch It Keep It, rescued this tutorial about how to “pirate” a vinyl record from Internet oblivion and posted it on his personal site for posterity. [Thanks, Sam!]

Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. MadRat says:

    I don’t have a turn table but started getting curious about costs and other applications of this process. Turns out the instructions for making copies of vinyl records, are on the official Smooth-On website ( ), however they use different Smooth-On products. Other projects can be found at the bottom of this page One example is “Replacing a Hard To Find Brass Shower Door Handle” by making a copy. The main list of how-to guides can be found at this URL

  2. Now to mix that idea with hydrospan, im wondering what the pitch change would be.

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