Connecticut-based artist Dalton Ghetti must have amazing eyesight. Pictured here are none other than pencils that he hand-carves to teeny tiny detail. Apparently, Ghetti is a carpenter by trade and the pencils are his side project. He uses razor blades, sewing needles, sculpting knives, and mad skills. My mind is officially blown. [Thanks, Markle!]

Goli Mohammadi

Goli Mohammadi

I’m a word nerd who loves to geek out on how emerging technology affects the lexicon. I was an editor on the first 40 volumes of MAKE, and I love shining light on the incredible makers in our community. In particular, covering art is my passion — after all, art is the first thing most of us ever made. When not fawning over perfect word choices, I can be found on the nearest mountain, looking for untouched powder fields and ideal alpine lakes.

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  • jacks

    wow. How did this guy manage to make this? Incredible

  • Alan Parekh

    Wow that is amazing. I wonder how many frustrating attempts it takes to make one of those. The heart on the linked site I think is the most impressive!

  • Gareth Branwyn

    The saw, utilizing the wood of the pencil for the handle, is genius!

  • donfrench

    Not to diminish this accomplishment in the least, but his sculptures are huge compared to these:

  • the_b_roll

    I keep thinking about this work. I think it’s amazing. So. Awesome.

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