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According to Mitch Altman, 22 hackerspaces were represented at Maker Faire Detroit. That’s quite an impressive turnout from the Midwest and Canada.

OmniCorp Detroit (OCD) — Detroit, MI

I3 — Ferndale, MI

All Hands Active (AHA) — Ann Arbor, MI

A2 MechShop — Ann Arbor, MI

Site3 — Toronto, ON

Hacklab.TO — Toronto, ON

Kwartzlab — Kitchener, ON

think|haus — Hamilton, ON

BloomingLabs — Bloomington, IN

Independent Media Center — Urbana, IL

LVL1 — Louisville, KY

Hive13 — Cincinnati, OH

Arch Reactor — St. Louis, MO

CCCKC — Kansas City, MO

Paper Street Motors — Detroit, MI

Pumping Station: One — Chicago, IL

Hack PGH — Pittsburgh, PA

Noisebridge — San Francisco, CA

LVL1 — Louisville, KY

Quad Cities Co-Lab — Quad Cities, IL/IA

Sector67 — Madison, WI

Interlock Rochester — Rochester, NY

The founder of Noisebridge in SF, Mitch organized a panel discussion on hackerspaces on both days at Maker Faire Detroit. In addtion, he was organizing the “learn to solder” area. Mitch is currently on a “Learn to Solder” tour of hackerspaces in the Midwest and he’s scheduled to be in Louisville, KY this Saturday at LVL1 hackerspace. The Louisville Courier-Journal featured LVL1 in a recent article:

Maker Movement expands to Louisville: Area gadget builders open workshop

The growth of hackerspaces, particularly over the last year, is just amazing.

Dale Dougherty

I’m founder of MAKE magazine and creator of Maker Faire. I am CEO of Maker Media, the company that produces MAKE, Maker Faire and Maker Shed. I am Chairman of the Maker Education Initiative (



  1. says:

    Amazing that (1) there are so many hackerspaces and that (2) so many showed up for Maker Faire Detroit! But… there are 21, not 22: LVL1 is listed twice :)

  2. says:

    The Toronto, OH listings should be Toronto, ON. Thanks for the list though, I was not aware of the Site3 hackerspace, will check it out soon!

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Thanks for pointing that out!

  3. Al Billings says:

    Mitch founded Noisebridge? Really? I didn’t recall him as the primary founder when he, I, and many others were initially creating Noisebridge.

    Perhaps you met he was a foundER of Noisebridge, one of many.

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