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The Photojojo store carries this crazy-realistic camera lens mug, only $24:

Behold, the Camera Lens Mug, a mug that looks JUST LIKE a 24-105mm lens!

It’s equipped with a lens-cap lid (omg), rubber-grip focus and zoom rings (o…m…g), and an auto-focus switch that actually switches (OMG)! It’s so realistic, you might have to use post-its just to remind yourself which is your mug and which is your lens!

[via CRAFT]

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is head of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:



  1. KentKB says:

    The 500mm mocha….

  2. DeadlyDad says:

    You can get it with insides made of plastic ($15.80) or stainless steel at

  3. jason says:

    this si an camera?????

  4. Liang Liz says:

    Its great
    ,but the material is PC ,I got a Stainless steel version at ebox365
    ,quality is prefect only 15$ for registered accounts,I like it so much ps:they
    also sell much more 20type lens mug on the shop 

  5. Liang Liz says:

    oh, forget it ebox365 shop is :P

  6. Liang Liz says:

    Its great ,but the material is PC ,I got a Stainless steel version at ebox365 ,quality is prefect only 15$ for registered accounts,I like it so much ps:they also sell much more 20type lens mug on the shop 

  7. makephoe says:

    telephoto lens by effectively reducing the aberration of the more significant extent, in order to provide clarity and full color images.

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