Brandon Griffith of Los Angeles’ Lego User Group LUGOLA built this mind-boggling Lego chess set with the pieces depicting characters and scenes from Episode V.

My favorites are the mini dioramas detailing the bishops: bounty hunters and Han-in-carbonite for the Empire, Chewie w/busted C3-PO and Lando with his Bespin cronies for the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel queen with Han and Leia kissing in the Cloud City was especially well done. Not sure what the blue trans construction serving as the Empire queen is supposed to be… any ideas? [From Matt “Monsterbrick” Armstrong‘s Flickr page]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Johndhs

    I’m thinking maybe Palpatine?


    My guess is Luke in the regen tank.

  • sandstep

    I think the Empire Queen is the tractor beam generator.

  • Michael

    If the rebel queen is on white then the empire’s queen must be on black. That means that Vader on the steps is the empire’s queen. That really only leaves one choice for who the empire’s king would be, the only person left alive in ESB who out ranks Vader. That would be the emperor. In ESB the emperor is only shown once, I think. He is shown as a huge holographic projection of his head only. The empire’s king in this chess set looks exactly like that holographic projection. Kudos to the builder.