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Heather Kew/The Saanich Peninsula Flotilla


Sarah Blum/Maryland


Kelly Gratton/Saint Johns Pond, Delafield

It turns out that Jeff Hamada of Booooooom got quite a response to his call for little drifter boats from readers of his blog. He received dozens of submissions, photos of little leaf and twig craft from around the world. Some of them are quite exquisite. Here are a few (a couple more after the jump).


Alana Gregory/Vancouver


Lenny (the guy who got us into all this)


Bone and Ben/Coburg, Bavaria, Germany


Filip Collin and Lieven van Dercruyssen/Antwerp, Belgium

Little Drifters/Worldwide

“Little Drifters,” art boats made from natural materials

Gareth Branwyn

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