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  • Namban



    Those look like very old ormolu clocks. I really, really hope the
    movements were missing from those, or at the least, not working, and set aside.

    This is one of those cases where I really hope he used modern cheap clocks that were made to look old- but those look original.

    eyes in pain…

    • db3ll


      I’m the guy who did this, and no clocks were harmed; yes, they are old spelter clocks, but they have damage to them that prevents them from being worth much. Clock cases like these are usually available on ebay, or antique clock repair places will sell them to you also. They’re pretty common.

      I have the movements (not in good shape); if I wanted to change them back to non-working clocks it’d be about a half hour job.

  • Daniel Morgan

    This is brilliant. It has me thinking about what else might be made into an elegant speaker enclosure.