MAKE subscriber Dug North writes in to share this video tutorial on how to make gears with unusual contours:

Wood clock designer Clayton Boyer has created an excellent short video showing how to make gears with *very* unconventional profiles. Very cool!

The instructions are a bit terse, so you will probably have to do some experimenting to get it to work correctly, however the effect is pretty amusing.


    It looks like you might be able to save yourself a lot of tracing work if you coat the bottom of the first gear in graphite or chalk, then just spin it around onto the paper.

    • John Maushammer

      … or maybe even carbon paper on the bigger gear?

      Either way, it turns* out a beautiful gear (no pun intended!)

  • Dexter

    What a great idea and the result looks really amazing!

  • RocketGuy

    I love how the results seem to diverge from expectation for the second gear.

  • Alpinebutterfly

    Wow! I really love this, so cool to look at, and the organic nature of the gears are mesmerizing.