Catie of Do Ah Diddy shares her tutorial for creating a softie flip book doll over on Prudent Baby. I remember loving these kinds of dolls as a kid, and I think it could be fun to customize it to your favorite story or nursery rhyme, or even make one that coordinates with your family members.

  • andrewcrafts

    I love this idea, we’re thinking of some fun product ideas at my work and my buddy owns a flip book company called A Little Scene down here in San Diego. I’ll share this page with him so that they can maybe up their anty with how the flip books look :)

  • GinnyCrandall

    This is a great idea. I would love to make a couple for my nephews as “quiet books” for church. It’s funny what you find online: I was looking for amp power steps at for my husband and found this instead! How lucky!