The biggest and best-quality versions of these watermelon car images I can find come from a members-only forum post on this South Korean site, which appears to be some kind of auto marketplace and/or enthusiast’s hub. Problem is, the plates on the car do not appear to be Korean. Can anyone identify their nationality, or tell me more about who made this car? [via Neatorama]


Sean Michael Ragan

Sean Michael Ragan

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  • Steve

    Based on the flag on the license plate, it appears to be Ukrainian.

  • JohnW

    The car is a 2002 Daewoo Lanos from Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. I found some pictures dating from July 30, 2007 but it’s not clear if the person posting the pictures was the owner:


    The car sold for $12,000 (not sure if it’s US Dollars) on or before August 8, 2007.

    It was featured on the TV show “Алльоу гараж” (“Hello Garage”?)

  • Alan

    This looks like a pretty simple project: take a stock vehicle with red upholstery, visit your local car wrapping shop and tell them you want a watermelon, plonk down about $2,000, and a few hours later you’re done. Or is there some other customization here that’s not obvious?

    • Jon E.

      Digital vinyl wraps do not have a shine like that, even with a high gloss clear urethane coat. It looks like custom paint to me.

  • Yurc

    Yes, it’s made by ukrainian artist Nathalie Paltcoon.
    Some aerography process video on her site: http://blog.airbrush.kiev.ua/video/
    Look at the last one.
    It’s realy featured on the TV show – something like “Pimp my Ride”.
    By the way, JohnW, Ukraine is not the Russia, at least 19 years