• robodaniel.myopenid.com

    I’m a new in-ground pool owner and while the previous homeowners left me a solar cover that’s essentially heavy-gauge bubble wrap, it’s so large that it’s impossible to wrangle by myself. So I’d love to try this, but before I sink time, effort, 7 (albeit not too much) money into this project… do these really help warm your pool?

    • vrandy.myopenid.com

      They certainly wouldn’t have the insulating effect that your giant bubble-wrap cover has. So if you depend on your cover to prevent the temperature from dropping at night-time I doubt these will help much with that.

      During the day, though, if they’re black and in the sun they pretty much can’t help warming things up.

  • Todd Harrison

    My DIY redneck pool heater would be a lot less fuss.