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  1. Peter says:

    TU Delft is in the Netherlands…

    1. Becky Stern says:

      Whoops, thanks! *facepalm* Us Americans, eh?

  2. Spuds says:

    They also appear to be chromatically grouped. Do my eyes deceive? :P

  3. pfg says:

    Books are meant to be read.
    Its bad enough people make rings from them, but to waste that many books? and a library of all places to do it.
    this is indeed a sad day.

  4. Jon says:

    I think its compliments the whole book theme VERY well. If you just pulled those books off the library shelf to make the desk, I’d agree, but there are many times that books can’t be kept in circulation (ie missing pages, basic wear and tear, vandalism…) but could be used in other ways. I’d like to think they didn’t just throw them away.