Colin Miller has been working on the Gadgeteer system for the .Net environment and talked to us about it at World Maker Faire.

Chris Connors

Chris Connors

Making things is the best way to learn about our world.

  • Joel

    1. Embrace new technology
    2. Extend the open standards
    3. Extinguish the competition
    4. Profit

    Microsoft makes money because they compete rather than innovate.

    Please don’t feed the 800lb Bears…

    • jdkchem

      Hijacking open standards. Extending is far too benign a term.

      I knew there was trouble when I saw wmv in the video. This runs counter to the Make philosophy. Especially when you “rent” the software.

      • theophrastus

        Wouldn’t it be a thoroughly excellent, unlikely, and a bit too profit risky for O’Reilly, to accept the sane ‘promise’:

        Microsoft’s, and other corporate, business models are antithetical to open sources and standards, particularly the “Owners Manifesto” ( ), therefore we will cover them only for editorial prospective and not in a fashion to promote such closed and proprietary products.

        ah well, perhaps someday, but not today.

  • pryapart

    I, for one, am often critical of Microsoft’s lack of ingenuity against the likes of Google and Apple. This product frustrates me on only one level and perhaps someone here can point me in the right direction…I don’t see where they are selling the Gadgeteer System. Their website is no help. I, for one, would not mind looking into this product further if for the only reason being a path to exercising my C# skills. I like the idea of the modules, but I agree they should open up the interface to others who may want to create add-ons. I don’t see what ‘open standards’ they are busting though, nor do I think they will (could?) extinguish the competition. This probably won’t be a very profitable item for them either, which may be why we don’t see it being sold yet (ever?).

    • Stephen

      It’s an internal MSR project for the moment:

      “This technology is currently in development and use within MSR research but we did talk to several parties interested in investigating bringing the concept to a commercial product. We’ll keep you posted as this progresses.”

  • Gregg

    Was this hanging around at last year’s event here in NYC at the Hall of Science? How come there was no notification about it? That would be more interesting then those dratted pulse jet powered noise making dangerous vehicles.