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rebar bike 01.jpg

They’ve got to be heavy, and I can’t imagine how they might ride, but there’s no denying the post-apocalyptic awesomeness of sporting a bike you welded up yourself from a pile of rebar. Up top is a shot from the consistently-amusing-but-occassionally-offensive There, I Fixed It, that got me Googling around for more….

rebar bike 02.jpg

And this one is by Tempe, AZ, resident Matt Krise.

rebar bike 03.jpg

Finally, this cobbled-together frame is attributed to “the hermit who lives at the end of the Albany Bulb.”

Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments!


rebar handbrake.jpg

Thanks to Flickr user gdafm who sent me a link to his photo of this rebar handbrake lever (also rebar pedals and a rebar bike seat attached to a pedal-powered grain mill) made by Jesse Austin Brenneman. There’s video showing its action here.


Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. gdaf says:

    Sean, Great photos! The top one with the perforated sheet steel seat is too much! I can’t get photos to load here but if you go to: There are five photos and a video of some rebar components I have come across. Feel free to post them elsewhere.