The latest high altitude weather balloon video making the rounds is from the father and son team of Luke and Max Geissbühler of Brooklyn, NY. Their setup included a 19-inch helium balloon with a payload consisting of a camcorder, GPS enabled phone, and a couple of hand warmers inside a polystyrene container. What sets this project aside from similar attempts is the quality of the images obtained and the ease with which the payload was retrieved using GPS coordinates sent from the the device. [Thanks, Gabe!]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Adam E

    Very sweet and inspiring for us dads to keep doing creative projects with kids.

  • jktechwriter

    Make Editors – get this Dad to do a writeup for the magazine! Get details – parts, instructions, etc… would make a great Project for the magazine.

    • buzZubie

      I agree. I’d love to see all the details!