Glif Tripod Press Shot
Small-scale production: An atom-based product, developed in bits @ The Economist

THIS from the two New Yorkers who designed the Glif, a tripod adapter for the iPhone 4. It’s a hunk of rubberized plastic with a threaded bushing that will ultimately retail for $15. Last week, its designers hoped to raise $10,000 through the crowdfunding site Kickstarter. In the first three days, the total contributions were $70,000. Fund-raising will continue until November 2nd. Tom Gerhardt makes interactive kiosks. Dan Provost works for frog design, a product design company. The two are long-time friends; they have never moved an idea all the way to production on this scale before.

  • Greg

    It looks like those two got their company off to a great start. Last time I checked their funding level, it was approaching 100K. I guess a bunch of people are pre-ordering the parts. I wonder if this does anything to their original plan of using a mold for low production injection molding. $90K at $20 a person is 4,500 parts….I guess that is a good “problem” to have when starting up!