Photograph by Javier Trueba

This is certainly old news to the geologists in our midst, but I couldn’t believe my eyes watching this BBC video clip of Professor Iain Stewart exploring the amazing Cueva de los Cristales (Cave of Crystals) in Naica, Mexico. The cave is home to crystal beams as long as 36 feet long. Looks an awful lot like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude!


Here’s the BBC clip:

Goli Mohammadi

Goli Mohammadi

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  • Improviser

    Superman’s Cave was cold.
    This cave sits on a magma dome and it stays around 120 degrees Fahrenheit at 100 percent humidity. There is a good National Geographic vid on this cave. You can’t stay in the cave for more than 30 minutes and that’s with special breathing and cooling gear. Unless you want to cook your brain. It was found during mining operations in the mountain after all the water was pumped out. Pure gypsum (calcium sulfate) crystals.

  • Zycho Zyborg and I uploaded a documentary about it in that post, 1:21min. unfortunately the documentary is in german but the pictures are still awesome. might find a version with subtitles if anyone’s interested?

    • Goli Mohammadi

      Thanks for sharing the video, and yes, please do let us know if you find a version with subtitles!

  • Improviser

    Giant Crystal Cave | National Geographic Channel

  • Zycho Zyborg