Lets Make Robots user fritsl wanted to play around with some old cell phone batteries, but needed a way to securely connect to them. His solution? Use a vacuum former, plastic, and some metal tabs from a switch to make a diy battery holder. He’s got a nice demonstration on how to vacuum mold using a heat gun and what looks to be a plastic dinner plate. Great show!

  • Marcel

    TWO plastic dinner plates.

    I’m sure ‘fritsl’ tried it with one and had a ‘learning experience’.

  • welldent05

    It`s really great show. I still have some old batteries, and also plastic. But where from do I get Vakkum? rsss.

  • Marcel

    You don’t ever hoover your house!? ;)

    I’m thinking it might be useful to be able to control the suck a little. Maybe put an inlet pipe on the box — keep the hoover running then put your fingers over the inlet to kinda divert the suck from the inlet to the working surface.

  • DanYHKim

    I recall a makezine post, or maybe an Instructable showing how the plastic in soda bottles will heat-shrink. If you cut the top and bottom off a soda bottle, you have a giant heat-shrink tube that is very tough when you’re finished.
    It may be suitable for this application as well.