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pt dice Dice projects

Dearest readers, gaming enthusiasts, and dice aficionados, I present to you a roundup of our favorite dice projects here on Make: Online! Photo above by PT from the NYC Toy Fair 2008.

pentomino block Dice projects

Polycube Puzzles from Dice

stukenborg2 Dice projects

Letterpress prints using dice as “type”

5039188293 8a23c5bb70 z Dice projects

LED Dice kit in the Maker Shed

d12handbagnew Dice projects

How-To: D12 and D20 Dice Purses

le violon d%27ingres in dice Dice projects

How-To: Generate dice mosaics from image files

piratedice Dice projects

Knit a pirate dice bag

electronidice Dice projects

Electronic symbol dice

Music video animated using dice as pixels

cg thumb 600x450 49767 Dice projects

Che Guevara in dice

2273739552 af8af3139a Dice projects

Dice, dice and more dice from Koplow

Dice reader, version 2

fc519grnvuevyduqkq.medium Dice projects

HOW TO – Magnetic Rubik’s dice cube

dicebox1 Dice projects

How-To: Make a D6 dice bag

transparentdice Dice projects

Make foldable dice

Electronic, battery-less dice

madonna dice Dice projects

Madonna made from dice

becky stern headshot Dice projects

Becky Stern

Becky Stern is director of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. Her personal site:

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