Lets Make Robots user David HASLE made this wonderful marble sculpture using a PICAXE microcontroller, servo, battery, and some wire. Beautiful!

  • Tom

    I could see putting some chimes around the perimeter for truly random compositions. And then stacking the marble tracks for polyphony!
    Inspiring simplicity.

  • Dave

    the real-world mechanical system (ball on track) learns from the computer, rather than the reverse!

    Apparently, it finds the best fit to the PIC’s rate, and that’s the lowest energy situation!


  • unigamer

    I’m flattered thay bibi49 used my idea (he linked me to his youtube video a few days). I did submit the original to Make when I made it last summer but I don’t think it ever made it to the blog, better late than never! :)

  • Marble Polish

    Great demonstration!

  • Marble Polishing

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  • Marilyn Toscano

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  • jimmydemello

    Now its time to build one with a bowling ball.