The Brookstone Beer Bulletin tipped us off to the fact that brewer Trumer Brauerei of Berkeley, CA, has created a fun video featuring a Rube Goldberg device made from Trumer product and paraphernalia.

The Trume Pils Rube Goldberg Machine! Inspired by the Rube-Goldberg-Machine we were able to recreate the brewing process in a new way. Just as the video focuses on fine tuning, we also take the smallest details in mind when brewing our beer! Prost.




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  • headhunter212

    reminds me of Der Lauf Der Dinge (The way things go)
    A classic in the Rube Goldberg genre…and I believe this video alludes to that with the feet walk down the ramp.
    Brillian stuff.

    Make more!

  • migpics

    Anyone have specs on how those shoes were made?

  • Jim Mason

    For some reason, this is not how beer is made @risingtide.