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I really could’t tell you why Make: Online runs so many Rubik’s cube posts. Maybe it’s because the cube is an iconic toy, or because of the intellectual, math-focused challenge. Either way, we like ‘em. Here are ten Rubik’s cube posts pulled from our archives.


Android-powered LEGO Rubik’s Cube solver


Magnetic acrylic Rubik’s cube


Rubik’s Cube Mario pop art wall hanging


Solve a Rubik’s Cube with Blender


Bronze Rubik’s cube


Laser-less tactile rubik’s cube


Rubik’s cube of Doom


Rubik’s cube for the blind


Tilted Twister solves Rubik’s cubes


Printable Rubik’s cube

John Baichtal

My interests include writing, electronics, RPGs, scifi, hackers & hackerspaces, 3D printing, building sets & toys. @johnbaichtal

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