Pipe Wrench Coffee Table by Jonathan Niemuth via NOTCOT. Love this, if I ever start drinking coffee again *and* get room for a coffee table, I’m making one of these.

  • Rahere

    Add some rubber table feet to the ends of the “legs” to protect the top.


    I had the same though, but:

    Take a closer look at the pictures, you’ll see that there are clear protectors between the four wrenches upright wrenches and the glass.

  • Dave

    Yeah, the clear silicone buttons are the perfect touch.

    I’m surprised the German reviewer(s) didn’t know the difference between pump pliers and Stillson wrenches!!

    “Wasserpumpenzangen”? Really?

  • Dave

    I like that the legs are naturally adjustable for floors that aren’t quite as flat as they might be.

  • swag

    I made two of these in the toilet this morning.

  • Rahere

    Yep, but I’m not persuaded: they’re a bit small for the job. If they’re attached to the table, then any joggle will make them redundant, and if to the wrenches, then adjusting will mean they only contact on a rim at best.

  • Rahul Chowdary

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