Stirrup Socks Pattern

I’ve been spying on (and loving) the new trend of socks peeking out of boots while at a department store a month ago. Purl Soho/The Purl Bee has collaborated with Loeffler Randall on creating patterns for stirrup socks that work with Loeffler Randall rain boots and booties. I love their version that brings an extra pop of color as well as extra warmth on a rainy day.
The Purl Bee writes:

Once we thought about creating stirrup socks all of our creative juices started flowing.  We realized that a stirrup sock is a great, substantial, but approproachable project for lots of knitters.  Also, being without a heel and toe they’d work well in the elegantly shaped LR boot foot (without the bulk of a hand knit sock), and also the back of the leg shaping means not only that this sock is very pretty, it also fits easily inside a boot leg.  We made the long pair of socks to go with the LR Rain Boot, and the short pair to go with the LR Rain Bootie. 

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