This video by YouTube user UncleJtotheS shows a “third year Mechatronics project at the University of Ottawa” that automatically pours a glass of beer — though not a pint, which is either 16 or 19.2 ounces depending on which side of the border you are. But I quibble, when it comes to automatically pouring beer technology, there is very little that is wrong.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Alex

    Here is a more sophisticated version… and, of course, it’s from Germany :) !

  • noise_is_life

    I like all the bottles sitting around, QA is important.

    • Schumi23

      I was about to reply the same:)

  • srharvey

    On a recent trip to Korea with a little stop over in Japan at NRT I did some serious quality control testing on the machines in the lounge.

    Not only do you get a beer poured by a robot, you get a FREE beer poured by a robot.