3 barrel hand cannon fired after 500 years (video)…

  • whiskeywaters

    Looks like’s Clark’s backlot range, but it’s been years since I touch a gun or saw that range.

  • Spades

    Funny how the other people on the range don’t seem to notice whats about to happen and wo they’re going on talking. Until the first BANG.
    Seems to be somewhat louder than a normal handgun.


    • Spades

      … and _how_ they’re going on …

  • Warren

    The craftmanship seems a little more refined than what I would expect from what would have been a cheap hand made device from the 1500’s – particularly the area attaching the pole to the three tubes looks more complex than need be.
    secondly and more importantly – percussion caps weren’t around until about the mid 1800’s, typically hand cannon were fired using a touch hole – so the nipples for the percussion caps have been added at some stage or more likely the device is some oddball device from the late 1800’s for firing flares or birding.

  • Stoner

    Warren is correct about the development of percussion caps. A close look at this toy reveals that the bands holding the barrels together are arc-welded on. A process developed in the 20th century. Still high in entertainment content.

  • tigerzero

    This is excellent, Thank you. I’ve never even heard of these before. I am so making rules for this as a weapon in my d&d campaign. I even like that it doesn’t fire every time, it’s perfect. Thank you for the link!