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Michael writes in

Someone posted this on Dorkbot awhile back, and I thought it was so useful this time of the year that I put it on my blog. Perhaps it’s useful to the wider maker community…

Good stuff to review. Pictured above – declarative talking lamp.

  • tech-tut

    This references a serious issue with (homebrew+airlines). For those of us who can’t make our stuff look “bought”, a message declaring that the item is not a bomb is an invitation for trouble. :)

  • Alowisney

    “Well, tha’s jus’ what you’d say if you was a bomb, now innit?”

  • Tim
  • fenster

    I can only hope that this photo inspires nobody to put bomb dummies in his garden to frighten with it his neighbours. I find such a thing just in the today’s time quite inappropriate and everybody then must be prepared for the results. One sees everywhere imitator and not seldom the results are awful