Security researcher, master hacker, and one of the “Seven Horsemen of the Web Apocalypse“, Dan Kaminsky, just announced his latest project, DanKam, an iPhone app that aids the color blind in distinguishing certain colors through the use of augmented reality. Kaminsky got the idea after seeing the latest Star Trek movie with a friend. After the movie his friend had mentioned that he was color blind. Dan had asked him what he thought of the green girl in the film and his friend replied “There was a green girl? I thought she was just tan!” This led Dan, who’s also a bit of a graphics nerd, to develop this true reality augmenting app that has the potential to aid people with color blindness experience the world around them in a new and exciting way. [via Forbes]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • piksieben

    I find this iPhone app is a fantastic idea. Maybe it becomes also once a competition for eye specialists. For color blindness quite a new world is thereby opened. However, unfortunately, it does not help to repair the colour blindness. But who knows, maybe an idea has there Kaminsky sometime also once for it.

  • vrandy.myopenid.com

    I’ve often wondered if sunglasses with the two lenses tinted slightly differently wouldn’t help colorblind people identify colors. Perhaps even anaglyph glasses?

  • chizz

    … that will let my wife, who has perfect vision, see the world i see with my RG colour deficiency!